HDB to Condo without touching your savings, true or not?

If you have bought your HDB before 2015,

This is the starting point where your property becomes an asset, not a liability.

Before I met Mr & Mrs Douglas, they own a HDB bought in 2015.

After we shared the strategy with them, they now own a condo in a city fringe area with extra reserve funds saved for rainy days after the upgrade.

Hi, we are Paul & Yvonne. We specialised in helping HDB owners upgrade from a HDB to a Condo without using their cash savings. We also upgraded from a HDB to a condo without using any cash from our savings. Want to know how we did it for our clients and ourselves? 


Mr & Mrs Zeng

We saw their facebook advertisement of exchanging my HDB for a condo and was curious to find out more as our HDB was reaching its MOP.

Paul came to meet us and with the info we gave him, he came up with a plan for us. So, we proceeded to sell our hdb and we successfully upgraded to a 3bedroom condo in Queenstown.

Thank you, Paul, for choosing this condo for us because we have already made a $150K paper gain even so that my condo have not finish building!



Mr & Mrs Douglas

We knew Paul & Yvonne from Facebook. Through their careful planning, we are now happy owners of a private property!

We actually didn't think we are eligible but they proved us wrong. .


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Mr & Mrs Tan

We are both blue collared workers. I saw them advertising about a HDB to Condo plan and was really keen to find out more as it has always been my dream to upgrade to a condo.

But I did not make any move as I was scared that I cannot pay the installment, let alone the downpayment.

Prices of the condo have been increasing so rapidly that I have already given up hope to buy 1.

But luckily, I called them up and they did a calculation for me and I cannot believe that not only do I not need to use my savings for my downpayment, I can leverage on my CPF and even if both my husband and myself stop working for 7 years, my installment for my condo are fully covered for.

I do not need to save n scrimp and get to enjoy my current lifestyle yet I can stay in a condo and hope to earn more money from property investing.

What can you expect during our meet up?

Learn how u can upgrade to a condo and grow your wealth.

1. How to increase your asset for retirement as a HDB Owner

2. How restructuring your real estate portfolio is important now

3. How to not compromise your family lifestyle while planning a better future

4. How to see your Calculated Risk and Potential Upside

5. How you can upgrade without touching your saving



A tailor-made plan and guide to help you upgrade to condo without touching your cash savings!




Understand your finances so you can have the same lifestyle yet, upgrade to a condo.

CPF Leveraging System


Understand how to leverage on your cpf and cash proceeds to make your money work hard for you.

What you need to know about Singapore dollar-denominated bonds ...

Reserve Funds up to $300K


Have a reserve fund for rainy days for your family.

Multiply your property in the next 10-20 years


Plan your retirement.


If you continue sitting on your sofa, there are TWO possible futures for

    1. Continue to work till 65 years old to pay off your HDB that is more than 30 years old 

       2. Grab this 100% Free & Tailor-Made planning to upgrade to a Condo with CASH in your pocket and retire comfortably



It is not suitable for everyone, but it needs to be well planned and executed. It is tailored accordingly to every individual family.  

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We are Paul & Yvonne, husband & wife team.

We have been in the real estate market for more than 8 years.

We have helped multiple HDB upgraders like yourself upgrade to a condo without using their cash savings.

And, we have recently started our asset progression as well.

We mentor & tailor make plans to suit every different family like yourself.


See you soon!!